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Night Guards & Sleep Appliances

Tembromandibular Disorders (TMD) are problems with the joint where the lower jaw connects to the skull. TMD is often caused by people unknowingly clenching or grinding their teeth while they sleep.

The Solution: Specially formed mouthpieces, known as night guards. These can prevent your teeth from grinding while you sleep.

If you are experiencing unexplainable jaw pain or discomfort while talking or chewing, you may be suffering from TMD. But don’t worry; Olney Dental can help you figure out if you have TMD or not. And if you do, we can fit you for a night guard to have you feeling better in no time!

Sleep Appliances

The Thornton Adjustable Positioner® (TAP®) is a simple, patient-friendly treatment solution for snoring and sleep apnea. The TAP holds the lower jaw in a forward position so that it does not fall open during the night and cause the airway to collapse. It maintains a clear airway to reduce snoring and improve breathing.

The unique design allows the patient to fine-tune his/her treatment at home and work with the clinician to achieve the best results. Patients are empowered to manage the degree of lower jaw protrusion over as many nights as it takes to achieve the optimal treatment position. The TAP has a single point of central adjustment, which prevents uneven bilateral adjustment that can create an irregular bite and discomfort.