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3 Drinks That Can Harm Your Teeth

3 Drinks That Can Harm Your Teeth

Did you know that there are some beverages that can damage your teeth?

What are some of your resolutions for the new year? If you’ve vowed to keep a healthier diet and cut down on your soda consumption, then we salute you. But even if you are staying away from soft drinks, did you know that there are other tasty beverages than can still harm your teeth?

Diet Soda

Maybe instead of regular soda you’ve decided to start drinking diet soda. Unfortunately, diet soda can be even worse for your health than the regular stuff. Just because diet flavors have less sugar in them doesn’t mean they are any less harmful. All sodas are still acidic enough to wear down your tooth enamel. Some consequences of overindulging in diet soda include:

  • Tooth decay
  • Discolored teeth
  • Cracked teeth


We get it, you need your morning caffeine fix to perk you up when you get to work. Or you need to power through that dreadfully boring afternoon meeting. Either way, coffee and tea might be habitual treats that help you get through your waking hours. Black tea and green tea might both be delicious, but they can damage your teeth too. Still, it isn’t as bad as with soda, or surprisingly enough, vinegar or lemon juice.

Fruit Juices

You might also think that fruit juice is a healthier choice than soda or tea. After all, what could be better for your teeth, and your overall health, then eating plenty of fruit and drinking various fruit-flavored juices? If you love to drink orange, cranberry, or grapefruit juice with your eggs and toast in the morning, maybe you should rethink that habit. These fruits are known as citruses, which means they are full of acid. If you’re going to have a glass of juice, drink it all at once. If you can find juice with calcium in it, then that’s even better, especially for your kids. You can improve their teeth while they are still growing.

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