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3 Facts About Dentures You May Not Know


Dentures can often lead to an improved quality of life – read more to find out how!

Whether you are looking at the prospect of dentures for yourself or for a loved one, you may be fearful or trepid at the thought. Having a basic knowledge about them, however, can help in preparing you for these new additions to your life. Your dentist can give you all of the basic details about dentures and debunk any myths you may have been led to believe, but here are 3 things you may not have known about them.

Dentures Don’t Last Forever

While modern medicine has helped make dentures last longer than they ever have, they are still subject to rigorous wear and tear and do not last forever. The cumulative effects of chewing, age, and brushing degrade your dentures’ natural appearance, and the consistent, but slight, changing of your mouth’s shape can have an effect on the dentures’ ability to chew. In general, you should expect to have your dentures refitted and replaced every 5-7 years.

Denture Wearers Can Eat More Normally and Speak More Clearly

Although a few denture wearers may be subject to dietary restrictions, for the most part wearers can once again eat the food they love. They are able to chew more thoroughly thus leading to better digestion. And properly fitted dentures may encourage the wearer to eat healthier and choose healthier lifestyles than they did before. In addition, denture wearers, with properly fitted dentures, may be able to speak more clearly, as all of the mouth components involved in speech can work in perfect harmony.

Medications Can Affect Dentures

Both over the counter and prescription drugs can make changes to the physiology of your mouth, affecting your dentures. For example, some drugs may reduce the flow of saliva in your mouth, making it harder to swallow or chew. Make sure you let your dentist know of any medications you may be taking or of any other problems with your mouth or dentures.

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