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4 Ways to Make Flossing Fun for Your Kids

4 Ways to Make Flossing Fun for Your Kids

Make flossing fun for your kids!

Flossing is rarely enjoyable for anyone. Unfortunately, it’s also a key part of ensuring dental health. You’ll also keep your gums happy, too. How can you get your kids to floss more often?

Give Them Rewards

You should start by giving them rewards whenever they floss. A little positive reinforcement goes a long way. It doesn’t have to be nor should it be a sweet treat – maybe they can get a new toothbrush, a new book, or a new toy if they start flossing. Don’t force them to floss every day at first – that can wait until they’re older.

Have Them Pick

Your kids are bound to be curious and independent, even from a young age. This sign tells you that you won’t always be able to make every single decision for them. With that in mind, have them pick the type of floss (and the flavor) of the floss they want to use, along with any other oral care products – from toothpaste to mouthwash marketed towards kids that have yummy flavors like grape, cherry, or bubblegum that won’t be too harsh for them.

Make It Fun

When it comes to convincing your children to do anything, you have to see it from their perspective. Just because something is necessary or responsible, they won’t want to do it for that very grown-up reason alone – you’ve got to make it fun for them! Turn flossing into a race between siblings or see if they can finish faster than you. Either way, everyone should get a high-five or some sort of encouragement.

Do It Together

You might not floss as often as you should, either. Even so, you can turn flossing from a chore into some family bonding time. You can show them the right technique and help them get the hang of using just the right amount – not too much or too little. You can also encourage them and tell them not to worry if their mouths start to bleed – this is a common side effect when the gums aren’t used to the presence of floss or floss sticks.

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