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7 Types of Teeth in Your Mouth

7 Types of Teeth in Your Mouth

You have several different types of teeth in your mouth!

You spend a lot of time thinking about your mouth. Sometimes you admire it, and sometimes you feel self-conscious about it. But your mouth wouldn’t be the same without the teeth that you are so used to looking at; in fact, here are seven different kinds you will find in there.


In the front of your mouth, you have eight incisors. Four of them are on the top, and the other four are on the bottom. They help you bite into food and speak more clearly; they also give the lips more support too.


You typically have four canines. They help you chew your food by cutting into them and also help support the lips. The canines are also responsible for making sure all of your teeth line up so you can comfortably open and close your jaws and mouth.


As we pass the canines, we find the premolars. Adults have eight premolars, four on top and four on the bottom.


Molars are wide and flat, and you have twelve of them scattered through the top and bottom of your mouth. Your wisdom teeth count as molars, and since they’re so far back in your mouth, they can hard to clean. Like premolars, the molars help you chew and also help define the length of your face.


There’s a fancy word for extra teeth – and it’s supernumerary. You normally have a maximum of 32 teeth, but if you have more than that, that’s where the extras come in. You might have an extra incisor, an extra molar, or extra canines.


It’s easy to assume that natal teeth are baby teeth. But the thing about baby teeth is that don’t start erupting until your child is an infant or even a toddler. Sometimes, though, newborns will be delivered with some tooth already in their mouths. These are the natal teeth. Also known as fetal teeth, they are super rare. However, they don’t have strong roots, if any at all. This is why doctors recommend that they are removed once they are found.

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