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How Can I Whiten My Teeth in Olney?

One of the most common cosmetic dental treatments performed is teeth whitening. Professional teeth whitening is an effective method of getting visibly whiter teeth and a brighter smile. Learn why your teeth lose their luster over time, and how teeth whitening can restore their former shine in this week’s blog.

Teeth Whitening in Olney

Why does the color of your teeth fade?

It’s perfectly natural for the color of your teeth to fade over time. The degree to which teeth lose their color is dependent on several factors, including your oral hygiene habits and eating habits. In general, the better your oral hygiene habits, and the more you avoid foods that stain your teeth, the less you can expect the color of your teeth to fade over time.

The actual science behind your teeth fading has to do with the fact your enamel is porous. There are miniscule hexagonal rods in your enamel. A film known as the pellicle film builds up on top of your enamel from food drink, and tobacco if you smoke or use chewing tobacco. Brushing your teeth removes this film, but over time, it begins to seep into the porous enamel, and particles from particularly staining substances like wine, coffee, and smoke make the most visible impact.

Things like whitening toothpastes advertise that they can whiten your teeth, but the impact they actually make is negligible. To really get the whitening you want, you need professional teeth whitening in Olney.

How does professional teeth whitening in Olney work?

Professional teeth whitening in Olney is a fairly simple process that can take anywhere from a week to a month and a half depending on how many shades of whiteness you’re looking to gain from your current shade. You can read all about the process here, but the basic idea is that a hydrogen peroxide solution is used to cauase an oxidation reaction in the pores of the enamel to remove the stained pellicle film that has filtered down into those pores. This leaves your teeth noticeably whiter. The treatment usually involves several in-office visits which are augmented by at home treatment.

teeth whitening Olney

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