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Cavities: 6 Foods That May Contribute to Their Formation

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Acids contained in sour candies are detrimental to your enamel and teeth.

For the most part, there are certain foods that are generally more likely to contribute to potential cavities compared to others — having a better understanding of what foods to avoid to ultimately avoid cavities can be incredibly important for your overall oral health. In fact, many different foods and even beverages are typically known for helping or hurting your oral help and thereby contributing to the potential for plaque buildup. The reality is, spending time understanding the top foods to avoid cavities can make a world of a difference. Here are some of the top foods to make sure you avoid so you don’t end up with cavities.

Cavities and Sour Candies

Any sour candies tend to leave you with plaque buildup. In fact, candy is typically considered unhealthy for your overall oral health. The reality is, the acids contained in sour candies are what are detrimental to your enamel and teeth — leading to cavities. 

Cavities and Bread

Despite the deliciousness of bread, eating too much of it can hinder your overall oral health. In fact, when you start chewing bread, the saliva in your mouth will usually break down all the starch into sugar — creating a hotbed for cavity potential. 

Cavities and Alcohol

Generally, too much alcohol is bad for your overall health — but crucially, it can be detrimental to your oral health as well. In fact, many already know that drinking isn’t necessarily the healthiest thing you can do — so avoiding alcohol can also provide recourse when it comes to avoiding cavities. 

Drinking Carbonated Drinks

Just like alcohol and other foods on this list, carbonated beverages tend to be common ground for plaque buildup. In fact, they can really end up causing significant oral hygiene problems over time.

Eating Too Much Ice

Chewing ice can be quite harmful to your teeth overall. In fact, chewing only any hard substances — including ice can cause your enamel to break down  — technically leading and resulting in cavities over time.

Too Much Citrus

Citrus fruits are notorious for being very acidic — leading to cavities when you eat too many of these specific fruits. In fact, citrus is quite acidic and therefore can be incredibly harmful to the enamel of your teeth when you consume too much of it. 

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