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Dealing with Tongue Discoloration

Dealing with Tongue Discoloration

Your tongue should be pink. Here’s how to deal with tongue discoloration.

Your teeth can change colors, and not always in the way you want them to. Unfortunately, the same thing can happen to your tongue. Your tongue can turn yellow.

Why Did It Turn Yellow?

Your tongue should be pink. That’s the sign of a healthy tongue. If it is any color other than that, then something is wrong. If you don’t brush or scrub your tongue often enough, you might see a layer of whiteness on your tongue that is due to a buildup of plaque. Yes, plaque doesn’t just settle on your teeth and gums but can form in other parts of your mouth too. Still, a yellow tongue shouldn’t alarm you, it just means that bacteria and food debris have settled on your tongue’s papillae, which have become irritated and large enough to produce unusual colors.

Possible Causes

Tongue discoloration can also be caused by other conditions. For instance, if you have been suffering from dry mouth lately, that’s one possible cause. If you breathe through your mouth instead of through your nose as you sleep at night, that can make dry mouth worse and help turn your tongue yellow. If your tongue is missing several groups of papillae, it is known as geographic tongue and can also contribute to the odd color. Also, if you take any medicine or medication that has bismuth as an ingredient, it can also affect the color of your tongue.


If your tongue has turned yellow, it could also be a sign that you have jaundice. Although much more common in babies, jaundice can affect adults too, and the conditions it often indicates can be serious: liver disease, blood diseases, or bile duct blockages. If you think you might have jaundice, then it’s time to talk to your doctor.


Luckily, there are treatments for a tongue discoloration. Brush your tongue with some water and some hydrogen peroxide. It’s unpleasant, but it works. Drink plenty of water, and add more fruits and vegetables into your diet.

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