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Don’t Be Fooled by Dental Myths

Don’t Be Fooled by Dental Myths
Many myths persist about dental work. Don’t be fooled by them.

Many myths persist about dental work. Don’t be fooled by them. This is something that many people seem to forget whenever it’s time to set their next appointment. Keeping your mouth healthy and happy is one of the best ways to protect yourself, so don’t fall victim to misinformation or misconceptions that other people will try and tell you.

Only Go When Teeth Hurt

It’s a normal thing to ignore problems because you can’t afford a visit to a specialist. Even so, it’s a bad idea to wait until you have persistent toothaches to go and see your dentist. They can evaluate the condition of your teeth and tell you how to take better care of your teeth. Don’t wait, go ahead and schedule another appointment as soon as you can. Catching any dental health problems early on means it’s easy to fix it, and far less expensive. Getting cleanings and exams done twice a year is also a good idea.

Flossing Causes Problems

Many people dislike flossing. That’s because it hurts when they pull the strings through their teeth. One way to avoid this discomfort is to use a water flosser instead of a traditional method. Then again, one enduring myths is that flossing causes problems for your mouth. One example is that it can make gaps in your teeth wider than they were before. Tooth decay contributes to this, and flossing fights this condition. Some minor bleeding is much better than all out gum disease.

Don’t Worry About Baby Teeth

It’s another false belief to dismiss baby teeth. The teeth that your infants, toddlers, and children are all important. It doesn’t matter if these teeth are only temporary, they still need to be brushed and cared for either way. Plus they make room for the permanent teeth to grow in their place once the baby teeth are ready to come loose. Brushing and flossing are two good habits to start teaching early on, which can make a huge difference when it comes to dental and oral health when your children get older.

Diet Sodas Have No Sugar

Even if diet sodas don’t have any sugar in them, this means they don’t have any added sugar. Plus they have other sugar substitutes that can affect your mental and physical health in other ways.

Oral Health Doesn’t Affect Your Body

Oral health can affect the rest of your body. That’s because the decay in your mouth can make life so painful and unbearable that you won’t be able to work or concentrate on other tasks you need to get done.

You Can Trust Olney Dental for All of Your Dental Care Needs

For all of your oral care questions and concerns, Olney Dental has the expertise and professionalism to get them the answers they need. Olney Dental is ready to supply you with expert service in a professional environment. Schedule an appointment online today! For more information on how we can give your family the best dentist experience available, give us a call at (301) 250-1057 or contact us online. For more dental tips, follow us on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Pinterest.

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