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What Happens to Your Teeth When You Avoid the Dentist?

Visiting a Dentist

Avoiding the dentist can have serious consequences for your dental and oral health.

Many are under the impression that great oral health is simply a matter of taking care of your teeth at home. This means brushing and flossing twice a day and making sure not to consume too many sugary drinks on a daily basis. While these are necessary to promote good oral and dental health, they are not sufficient in themselves. Seeing a dentist for regular checkups is another important part of keeping your teeth in good shape. What happens to your teeth when you decide not to see a dentist regularly? Here are four things that could happen.

1. Tooth Decay

Plaque is created by particles of food which combine with bacteria and forms a substances that sticks to the teeth. While regular dental hygiene practices can help to keep plaque under control, there will always be those hard-to-reach spots where plaque will remain. This remaining plaque will then attack your teeth and gums and contribute to tooth decay. When you see your dentist for a regular checkup, one of the most important parts of each visit is your cleaning. The dentist is able to clean away and remove the plaque, stemming the onset of tooth decay.

2. Gum Disease

When tooth decay is left untreated, it can lead to gum disease. The plaque bacteria attacks the gums and causes them to swell and start bleeding. This bacteria can also slip in underneath the gums and lead to gingivitis or other more serious forms of gum disease.

3. Stains

Professional teeth cleanings help remove the teeth stains that result from our daily habits like drinking our morning cup of coffee or evening glass of wine. And if your teeth require more thorough whitening, an in-office treatment plan can do wonders to make your pearly whites sparkle again.

4. Health Problems

Often, people see their dentist a lot more often than their family doctor. The dentist is thus in a position to detect any abnormalities and problems, such as diabetes, oral cancer, heart disease, hypertension, and others, which might have been left unnoticed if you had decided to skip your regular dental appointments. Catching these problems before they advance can help you save money on future medical bills, but, more importantly, your dentist might save your life!

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