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How to Get a Second Opinion on Your Dental Health

How to Get a Second Opinion on Your Dental Health

Oral and dental health are essential to how good you feel.

Oral and dental health are essential to how good you feel. When you have bad breath or gum disease, you won’t want to smile or get close to anyone while talking to them. This can cause interpersonal relationship problems and keep you from getting a raise, a promotion, or even a new career opportunity that you’ve been working towards for years. Sometimes, you won’t know what the cause of the problem is or how bad an infection really is, which is why you will need a second opinion.


Although you can trust the word of your dentist, there are times you will want to follow up with another specialist or even your general physician. Take oral cancers or esophageal cancers as an example. There will be plenty of obstacles and setbacks in the course of treating this disease, and you don’t want to run the risk of making yourself even more ill for no good reason. In this case, getting a second opinion is worth it.


An injury to your teeth is no laughing matter. While they’re not always an emergency, don’t fall into the trap of thinking that such issues only happen to hockey players and boxers. They can happen during home improvement work where you fall off a ladder or you fall off your bike while training for a race that you are participating in six months from now. You might hear your dentist tell you about crowns, bridges, and implants. If you’re not comfortable with the options you have, asking another dental professional could be the way to go, depending on what treatment you need.


Dental surgery is a big deal. Even getting your wisdom teeth extracted will put you out of commission for a few days or even a few weeks. During this time, you’ll have trouble eating, drinking, and speaking. You might also have broken your jaw and you need surgery to repair it. Consulting with an oral surgeon is a good idea, as is talking to a maxillofacial surgeon who both specialize in complicated oral surgeries. You won’t have to worry about what your dentist will think either: this isn’t like going behind their backs. In fact, it’s likely that your dentist will encourage you to get a second opinion before having anything done.

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