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Is an Illness Causing Your Tooth Pain?

Olney Dental tooth pain

Is an illness actually the cause of your tooth pain?

Typically, the symptoms of illnesses are exactly what you expect. But, that isn’t necessarily always the case. In fact, a few different oral conditions can end up being the symptoms you least expect that let you know that you’re sick. The reality is, our bodies are unique and incredibly intuitive. Ultimately, being in tune with changes in your body can help make sure you stay healthy all the time. Here are some tell-tale signs that your tooth pain might actually be due to a sickness or illness you aren’t yet aware that your body is experiencing. 

Sinus Infections

There is definitely a potential for connections between tooth pain and a sinus infection. In fact, if you have experienced any symptoms associated with tooth pain, you might be dealing with an underlying sinus infection that is going completely undiagnosed. You may even end up having more complicated issues with your sinus infection if you don’t deal with your tooth pain immediately. How are sinus infections related to tooth pain? That is because the sinuses are located towards the back of your mouth, the same as your teeth. This is why these two pains can sometimes go hand-in-hand. 

Ear Infections

Another body ache or infection that can be connected to tooth pain is an ear infection. When it comes to being aware of an undiagnosed ear infection, tooth pain might be the first symptom you experience. Considering how ear infections begin, tooth pain might be the first sign that you should check out what’s going on with your ear and whether or not it is infected. Seeing a professional is always the best option to ensure that you are staying safe and healthy. 

Pay Attention to Your Symptoms

There is nothing more important than your health. Making an effort to be in tune with your body will help you notice when something is wrong and lead you to the right and proper professional care. When you consider how your tooth pain may be signaling something more alarming in your body, you can notice how intelligent our bodies are. When you feel toothaches, you may also have a sinus or ear infection that will lead to further problems in the future. The sooner you notice these symptoms, the sooner you can return your body to regular health.

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