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5 Methods for Motivating Your Child to Brush Their Teeth

motivating your child to brush their teeth

Follow these tips for motivating your child to brush their teeth.

Does your child go out of their way to avoid brushing their teeth? Does convincing your child to brush their teeth take up too much time each morning and evening? If your child finds brushing their teeth difficult, you can try out each of these techniques for motivating your child to brush their teeth on a regular basis. 

Let the Child Pick Toothbrushes and Toothpaste

You can make tooth brushing more fun and engaging by letting your child pick the toothbrush and toothpaste they want to use. There are countless fun and colorful toothbrushes and toothpastes made specifically for children. A toothbrush with their favorite princess on it, or fun-flavored toothpaste may make tooth brushing more exciting. Your child may even start to look forward to brushing their teeth! 

Brush to a Song

If your child is bored by brushing their teeth, incorporating music into the routine may make it better. You can practice motivating your child to brush their teeth by playing an upbeat song your child can dance to while brushing. If you pick a song that’s close to two minutes, you can also use it to make sure they brush long enough. 

Turn Tooth Brushing Into a Game

Children love playing games, so making their dental routine into a fun adventure may get them excited. You can use your imagination and create fun stories where evil plaque monsters have to be fought by the toothbrush that turns into a superhero after a certain hour of the day. Cater to your children’s interests when you create fun games. 

Create a Reward System 

Sometimes a child will respond to incentives. You can try devising a reward system that motivates them to brush their teeth. You can create a fabulous sticker chart, and have your child pick a sticker after they complete each brushing. You can then give your child a prize after they have brushed their teeth twice a day for a month. The incentive of a future reward makes tooth brushing exciting and keeps them motivated. 

Make Tooth Brushing a Group Activity

Finally, you can turn tooth brushing into a family activity. Young kids love to imitate their parents’ behavior, and by demonstrating that you take your teeth seriously they may see that they should as well. Plus, you get to benefit from a little extra bonding time and can make sure your child learns how to brush their teeth correctly. 

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