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Modern Fillings Are More Than Meets the Eye

modern fillings

Modern fillings are better than ever

Up until fairly recently, people who got fillings ended up with a mouth full of obvious silver fillings. Dental amalgam looks silver to the eye, has been the tooth restoration material chosen by dentists in a number of dental procedures for decades. While amalgam has not gone away, modern dentistry has a number of options for fillings when it comes to cavities and other dental procedures.

What Dental Procedures Commonly Still Use Amalgam?


Amalgam is a combination of silver, mercury, and other metals. Due to its mercury content, concerns have been raised about its safety in regards to human health. However, numerous studies have found that the mercury present in the amalgam used for fillings is not harmful. Due to its obvious appearance but superior strength, amalgam is used for cavities and dental procedures in back teeth which must withstand the pressure of heavy chewing.


Composite Resins


For front teeth, the story in dentistry has changed drastically with numerous updates. Rather than amalgam fillings, one option for front tooth cavities is composite resin. These fillings are made of plastic and silica and can bond to natural tooth structure. Composite resins actually resemble dentin, or the innermost layer of the tooth. This material has been specially crafted to be indistinguishable from natural tooth, making it an ideal innovation for those looking to preserve the look of their natural smile.


Dental Porcelains


Dental porcelains are a form of ceramic. These non metallic materials come in a powder which are mixed with water, shaped, and then placed in an oven until they reach useable hardness. The end product of this process is translucent and incredibly hard. It actually resembles the densely packed crystals of calcium that the tooth’s outer layer, or enamel, are comprised of. Both dental porcelains and composite resins require less damage be done to the tooth during dental procedures, as they are biologically designed to bond perfectly to natural teeth.

Ready to Get the White Smile You’re Dreaming Of?

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