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What is a Root Canal?

Root canal

Need a root canal? It’s a relatively common procedure – read on to learn more about it!

Your dental health is very important, and your dentist can help you preserve it so that your teeth will last a lifetime. Cavities and other problems with your teeth can be handled and treated so long as you see your dentist regularly. Today we’re going to talk about a procedure that is relatively common but usually sends a shiver of fright to patients – the root canal.

Internal Tooth Problems

A root canal is performed to save a natural tooth when the inside is damaged or diseased. In the old days, a damaged or diseased tooth had to be extracted, which caused their own set of problems. When a tooth is pulled, the teeth around it can shift, causing pain and discomfort and making it more difficult to chew. Nowadays, a root canal can save the tooth from extraction by cleaning out the infection from the inside of the tooth.

The Root Canal Removes Infected Dental Pulp

Dental pulp is the soft tissue within the tooth that contains nerves and blood vessels. The pulp can sometimes become inflamed or infected. Usually, this is caused by a cracked or chipped tooth or a deep cavity/filling. These conditions can allow bacteria to enter the inside of the tooth – and if the infected pulp is not removed, the tissue around the teeth can become infected as well. This can cause a lot of pain if not treated.

The Procedure

For a root canal, your dentist numbs the tooth and makes an opening through the crown to access the pulp chamber. Then, the pulp is removed from the chamber. Medicine may be placed in the pulp chamber to get rid of the bacteria. The root canal is then filled with a rubber-like material to seal it, and then a temporary filling is placed in the tooth in order to prevent the spread of contamination. Sometimes a dentist will prescribe antibiotics if the infection has spread beyond the roots. The final step is the removal of the temporary filling and the restoration of the crown.

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