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Solutions for Sensitive Teeth

Solutions for Sensitive Teeth

It’s not easy dealing with sensitive teeth. One idea is to try some new toothpaste.

It’s not easy dealing with sensitive teeth. When your teeth hurt this much, it can be difficult to enjoy some of your favorite foods and drinks – luckily, there are some solutions you can try. Give these treatments a chance, and don’t be afraid to follow up with your dentist.

Try New Toothpaste

One idea is to try some new toothpaste. The new toothpaste can treat tooth sensitivity through an ingredient called potassium nitrate. This will help make your nerves less sensitive, although one application won’t be a magic fix. You need to use it several times for the full effects to come out, and they aren’t permanent.

Use More Fluoride

During your next dentist appointment, you can ask for more fluoride. Fluoride treatment can help make your teeth stronger, especially after cleaning. The stronger your dentin is, the better off you will be. This is because your teeth won’t be as sensitive as they were before.

Change Your Diet

Another suggestion is to change your diet. Starting to eat better can make a huge difference for your overall well-being. Plus, by changing what you eat and drink, you can balance out the pH level of your mouth.

Consider Sealant

Sometimes, you might need a different approach. Part of the problem could be that your teeth roots are showing. That’s why they are so sensitive. Your dentist can give you a sealant, which will protect the roots. Depending on how badly you need a sealant, your dentist can recommend and perform procedures to add dental crowns and bridges.

Schedule a Root Canal

A root canal is extremely painful, and most people dread it. The thing is, this procedure is usually considered a last resort. If nothing else works, then it’s a good time to schedule a root canal. That way, the pain can be dealt with by removing nerves that otherwise won’t respond. This will get rid of your sensitive teeth – not because the tooth itself is gone, but the nerves underneath it are.

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