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The Benefits of a Custom Fitted Mouth Guard

The Benefits of a Custom Fitted Mouth Guard

Did you know that your dentist can make a custom fitted mouth guard? These mouth guards are made just for your needs.

School is back in session, and for many families, that means team sports are back on too. For most team sports, an athlete’s mouth guard is one of their most important pieces of equipment. Did you know that your dentist can make a custom fitted mouth guard? These mouth guards are made just for your needs. They won’t be too thick, or cause any discomfort. A custom fitted mouth guard just does its job: it protects your teeth.

Custom Fit

As humans, our bodies come in lots of different shapes and sizes, and this included our jaws. So why does everyone seem to think that mouth guards are a “one size fits all” type of thing? Stores sell pre-formed and mouth-formed guards that are often uncomfortable for athletes and don’t always protect very well.

The worst fit comes from the pre-formed mouth guard. There’s really no way to adjust it. They may come in “youth” and “adult” sizes, but that’s pretty much where the variation ends. The mouth-formed mouth guard is only very slightly better. This type of mouth guard is often called “boil and bite”. The way it works is that the mouth guard is boiled to soften the rubber. It is then taken out of the boiling water and allowed to cool slightly. While the rubber is still softened, the athlete inserts the mouth guard and bites down on it. It’s better than the pre-formed, but can still potentially be quite uncomfortable.

Custom Comfort

Another advantage of a custom fit mouth guard is how comfortable it is. Your custom mouth guard is made from an impression of your actual mouth. There are no areas that stick out unnaturally or unnecessary amounts of rubber. You should be able to keep your mouth guard in while your mouth is open. If you open your mouth and the guard falls out, it isn’t a proper fit. The fit of your custom mouth guard is what makes it so comfortable. When you or your child are playing a sport, you should be as comfortable as possible. Your custom fitted mouth guard will keep your teeth protected and your mouth comfortable.

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