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Top Reasons To Wear Your Night Guard

Top Reasons To Wear Your Night Guard

People who typically experience pain in their jaws, or even severe headaches might actually find that night guards could be a great solution.

There is really no denying that dental guards tend to get a bad reputation. In fact, people who typically experience pain in their jaws, or even severe headaches might actually find that night guards could be a great solution. The reality is, bruxism is the medical term that is associated with grinding, clenching, or gnashing your teeth. Ultimately, with higher rates of people experiencing more stress in their daily lives these days, it’s no wonder that the number of patients experiencing and being diagnosed with bruxism has skyrocketed as well — and that’s where night guardscan be a game-changer. Here are some excellent reasons to continue to wear your night guard as recommended by your dentist.

Understanding Night Guards

For the most part, night guards are designed to look like a plastic retainer-like entity, that can be either hard or soft. In fact, the actual night gerd tends to cover the grinding surface area in your mouth — which can then either be worn on the top or bottom teeth — depending on the patient and their specific issue — which is also why talking to your dentist is key here. The reality is, night guards can come in handy for people who are experiencing difficulty sleeping due to their teeth grinding or clenching. Ultimately, there are multiple different guards available — so it is typically ideal to speak with your dentist and figure out which option is best for your specific needs.

Getting The Ideal Night Guard For Your Mouth

When it comes to getting a night guard, you want to make sure that whichever one you get will actually solve your specific problem effectively and efficiently. In fact, talking to your dentist comes in handy here to ensure you are investing in the night guard that will actually help to solve your teeth grinding issues. For the most part, night guards really do help people with their teeth grinding and teeth clenching. The reality is, night guards — as the name suggests — usually are only worn at night — but it can trap bacteria on the gum’s surface — so you will definitely want to wash it thoroughly each and every morning. Ultimately, there are certain night guards that will allow for saliva on your teeth, so it becomes increasingly important to talk to your dentist to ensure you are matched with a night guard that compliments your mouth and issues that you are looking to remedy.

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