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Try These Remedies if You’re Suffering from Bad Breath!

Bad Breath

Bad breath can be frustrating. Here are some remedies to try at home!

Bad breath is one of the most annoying oral health issues for dental patients both young and old. While you should always be visiting the dentist, if you have sudden severe bad breath or if it isn’t going away, here are some basic tips you can implement at home to help stop bad breath in its tracks.

Drink Enough Water

Chances are, you’ve heard this tip before in an article about dental health, another article about dietary health, and another article about general wellness. There’s a great reason for that! Water is one of the most important things that we consume every day, and drinking enough water is one of the single best ways that you can curb bad breath and regain your confidence again. If your mouth doesn’t have enough moisture to produce saliva, the bacteria that cause bad breath can flourish.

Other causes of dry mouth include medications, medical conditions, and dehydration. If you exercise over the course of the day, make sure that you drink enough water before and after to keep your mouth from getting dry. Always drink water first thing in the morning to jump start your day and end with a glass of water at night.

Brush and Floss

Brushing and flossing are two things that we all know that we should do, but most people keep the brushing and skip the flossing. However, the two work together as a dynamic duo for optimal oral health! Skipping your brush and floss routine at the end of the day will leave food particles in your mouth that can lead to bad breath. Always brush two times a day for two minutes and floss at least once a day. If you are feeling ambitious or enjoy flossing, feel free to do so after every meal.

Clean Your Tongue

Tongue cleaning can immediately and drastically reduce the amount of odor-causing bacteria lingering in your mouth. When bacteria and amino acids are exposed to each other, they release an unpleasant smell. Cleaning your tongue regularly prevents these two compounds from reacting with each other and creating bad breath. Make sure that you regularly clean your tongue (at least once a day) and you’ll notice an immediate difference.

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