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Why Does My Dental Crown Hurt?

Why Does My Dental Crown Hurt?

Seeing a dentist promptly is usually the only way to get lasting treatment for tooth crown pain.

If you asked someone on the street to make a list of the most painful experiences they have gone through, chances are that a toothache would rank pretty high on that list. It makes it painful to eat and drink and it doesn’t simply go away overnight. If you have a tooth crown, you might think that you’d be spared this painful experience, but unfortunately, tooth crown pain exists. Seeing a dentist promptly is usually the only way to get lasting treatment for tooth crown pain. Here are some of the causes and treatment options for it.


If your tooth crown was fitted without a root canal prior to removing the pulp, it may be putting pressure on a traumatized nerve causing it to send pain signals. Also, the crown needs to be perfectly aligned with the rest of the bite. If it isn’t and you’re prone to grinding your teeth at night, you could feel pain by pressing down on any areas where the tooth is higher than it ought to be. One final cause of tooth crown pain is old fillings. These, especially ones made from silver, may leak and provide an open pathway for bacteria to infect the nerve root, causing sharp pain.


The first step in diagnosing tooth crown pain is determining that that is the actual problem. The symptoms can often be confused with the symptoms of teeth grinding. You may notice a painful jaw tightness when you wake up in the morning if you suffer from teeth grinding. Relief from this kind of pain usually involves utilizing mouth guards and de-stressing before bedtime. But if the pain persists, you should see a dentist to treat your tooth crown pain.

The dentist will ask you to bite down on a piece of paper to determine if you have any high marks in your bite. If you do, they will file down the problem areas in order to better align the teeth. If there is an infection beneath the crown, they may have to perform a root canal procedure, which may require removal and replacement of the crown.

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