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3 Common Dental Myths

3 Common Dental Myths

If you’re curious about anything you’ve been told, your best bet is to ask your dentist.

Over the years, we’re sure you’ve heard plenty of “do this” and “don’t do this” with regards to your dental health. While that advice is almost certainly given with the purest intentions, it’s not always the best advice. If you’re curious about anything you’ve been told, your best bet is to ask your dentist. Here are 3 of the more common dental myths.

Myth: Bad breath is caused by poor brushing.

Even those with fantastic dental hygiene can still be plagued by bad breath. While poor hygiene can certainly contribute to bad breath, it’s not the sole cause. Eating habits, health conditions, and other factors can also cause you to have bad breath.

Myth: Consuming lots of sugar harms your teeth.

Quite possibly the most common dental myth ever is that eating lots of sugar will kill your teeth and give you lots of cavities. That is actually false. The amount of sugar you consume actually doesn’t affect your dental health. It is actually the acid that is produced when the sugar combines with the bacteria in your mouth that causes erosion. So, the sooner you clean your mouth after consuming sugar the better off your teeth will be. That said, consuming huge amounts of sugar does negatively affect your overall health, so you should still watch that intake.

Myth: Stop brushing if your gums are bleeding.

When gums become swollen and inflamed, it’s usually because there is plaque and food debris causing the inflammation. The only way to get that off is to brush it. If your gums start bleeding, that doesn’t mean you should stop brushing. That said, you should take care to be gentler when brushing bleeding gums so as to not aggravate the condition further. The same goes with flossing. If you notice some blood when flossing, just keep going. Just be gentler until the bleeding stops.

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