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3 Types of Food That Can Leave Stains on Your Teeth

3 Types of Food That Can Leave Stains on Your Teeth

Here are some examples of foods that can leave unsightly stains on your teeth.

Life isn’t about living in fear, it’s about being able to enjoy it. Part of that enjoyment comes from the food we eat. But did you know that even if we love them, they don’t always love us back? Here are some examples of foods that can leave unsightly stains on your teeth.

Various Types of Berries

Whether you love to eat blueberries, blackberries, or raspberries, you may notice that your mouth and lips look different while you do. These berries, as delicious and nutritious as they are, can and will stain your teeth. Why does this staining happen? Acids that are a natural part of these yummy treats will stick to the enamel on your teeth. It really doesn’t matter what way you eat them, either. They all still have the same effects.


What dressings do you like to put on your salad? If you choose vinegar-based ones, you may be in for a sour surprise. Vinegar, especially balsamic vinegar, will also leave stains on your teeth. You may not realize this right away, but even so, brushing your teeth after having some of this vinegar will help prevent stains from taking hold. If you want to keep using this dressing on your salads, make sure you pick the crispiest, crunchiest pieces of lettuce to go with it. The crunch of the lettuce is good for you.

Pasta Sauce

Maybe that salad you’ve been craving is the appetizer to the main course: pasta. Everyone loves pasta, especially when it has a delicious tomato-based pasta sauce on it. Unfortunately, tomatoes are incredibly acidic, whether or not you eat them whole or in the form of sauce. Depending on the type of sauce you enjoy, there might also be liberal amounts of sugar hidden in it too. Likewise, ketchup can have much the same effect. Make sure you try to eat your greens, such as kale and spinach, to help counteract the effects of the tomatoes.

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