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6 Cool Facts About Tongues

6 Cool Facts About Tongues

How much do you know about your tongue? Do you take care of it?

How much do you know about your tongue? Do you take care of it? Maybe you should start. In the meantime, here are some cool facts about tongues you might not have known. Impress all your friends at your next party!

It’s Four Inches Long

On average, the human tongue is about four inches long. Those four inches are split into two sections – one is called the anterior, and the other is called the posterior. The anterior tongue is the two-thirds that you can see, while the posterior is in the back, hidden in the throat. It’s also about one-third of the tongue’s total length.

It Helps You Digest

Digestion doesn’t really start until the food you eat reaches your stomach. But did you know your tongue can help you digest? It moves food around in your mouth, helping you chew and swallow more easily. Also, the tip of the tongue helps you talk and does its part in helping your mouth stay clean.

Five Tastes

You probably know what taste buds are and how they work. You have anywhere between 3,000 and 10,000 taste buds, and you need every single one of them. That’s because there are five tastes you can detect. These are sweet, bitter, sour, salty, and savory. But something else you might not have known is that you need your saliva to help activate your taste buds. Without the saliva, you wouldn’t know what the food in your mouth tastes like.

Eight Muscles

The tongue doesn’t look complicated. But there are actually eight muscles hidden inside it. Four are extrinsic and aren’t connected to any bones. These muscles let the tongue change shape as needed. There are also four intrinsic muscles that are connected to some bone. These muscles allow the tongue to move around, which makes talking easier.

Motor Mouth

Your tongue can help you say up to ninety words in a single minute. Without the lips, teeth, and tongue, talking would be almost impossible.

Smart Tip

The tip of your tongue, which we mentioned earlier, is also a smart little thing. It helps you identify what a piece of food is, and helps you find bones in your food. After you swallow the tip of the tongue moves around and tries to find any debris that is left behind.

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