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A Quick Guide to Flossing Properly

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Flossing day and night is one of the best ways to prevent cavities.

Daily flossing is an essential part of taking care of your dental health. Floss gets in between the crevices that a toothbrush can’t. Furthermore, when you floss, you prevent tooth decay, cavities, and gum disease. Here is a quick guide on flossing correctly. 

The Frequency of Flossing

Once again, it would be best if you floss every day. It prevents plaque accumulation with professional cleanings and brushing your teeth twice daily. Some people floss after every meal. However, this frequency isn’t convenient for most people. Choose a time that works for you each day. Many people do so before bed as a reminder to brush their teeth at night. Plus, you can remove all the food debris accumulated throughout the day. 

The Proper Method

The American Dental Association (ADA) recommends that people use at least 18″ of floss. Curving the floss around your teeth removes plaque buildup effectively. Keep about one-inch open between your wrapped thumb and index fingers to gently guide the floss between your teeth. Then, move the floss gingerly back and forth to remove plaque. Use a different section of floss for each tooth to ensure that you don’t put any removed back into your mouth. 

The Dos and Don’ts of Flossing

  • Do floss daily, hold the floss correctly, curve the floss around your teeth, set a routine, be gentle, and use 18″ of floss.
  • Don’t believe that brushing or using mouthwash replacing flossing, reuse floss, use floss that isn’t ADA-approved, use a saw motion or too much pressure, or use a tiny piece of floss. 

Floss Types

Many floss options are on the market but don’t feel overwhelmed. You might have a preference, but they all complete the same task. If you’re having trouble selecting a particular kind, talk to Dr. Eisenberg during your next visit! Here are a few floss types to consider: 

  1. Traditional: You wrap this industry standard around your finger. Unwaxed floss is ideal for people with overcrowded teeth who find it hard to get the floss between them. Consider dental tape if you have smaller teeth with wide gaps because it’s wider and user-friendly. 
  2. Disposable Flossers: Many flosser options have handles. The handles make it an excellent choice for children who can’t understand the movement or adults who want a smoother feel. Keep in mind that when you floss each day using this method, you’ll have more trash output. 
  3. Electric Flossers: High-tech options have entered the market within the past few years. For example, water-powered floss has various settings that complete the task and a comfortable handle. However, it’s still as effective if you prefer the traditional option. 

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