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5 Signs That Your Gums Need Attention

olney dental when your gums need attention

Tenderness and pain indicate that your gums need attention and care right away.

Dental health is important for several reasons. While many people are aware of the danger of cavities and the importance of preventing them, fewer people are aware of how common gum disease can be. Almost half of adults over age 30 will experience gum disease, with the risk increasing as you age. Fortunately, this condition is preventable and treatable. If you are worried about gum disease, look for the following signs that your gums need some extra attention. 

Bad Breath 

People will try many things to achieve fresh breath: mouthwash, gum, candies, or any other minty tool. These can cover up bad breath for a time, but they don’t get to the root cause of bad breath. If you experience consistent bad breath despite careful oral hygiene, ask your dentist to look for an underlying issue. Bad breath can indicate many things, but it can also mean that your gums need attention right away. 

Inflammation of the Gums

If your gums are inflamed, swollen, and red, this may indicate that something is wrong. As it advances, gum disease may show itself through redness, swelling, and discomfort. Gingivitis, an early form of gum disease, is reversible through excellent oral hygiene. Ask your dentist what you can do to help your gums and teeth if you exhibit these early signs of gum disease. 

Tenderness or Bleeding

In addition to being inflamed or red, your gums may feel tender and bleed when you floss or brush. This is another sign that your gums need attention. If your gums are showing these signs, consult with your dentist on how to improve their health. 

Painful or Loose Teeth 

Not every sign of gum disease will show itself in your gums. For instance, receding gums can cause teeth to be loose or painful, as the protection of the gums around your teeth goes away. If this happens, you may be at a more advanced stage of gum disease, periodontitis. If you notice these symptoms, schedule an appointment with your dentist as soon as possible. 


As gums recede and more tooth area is exposed, especially around the roots and nerves, your tooth sensitivity will likely increase. This is a sign that your gums need attention and treatment. If you are experiencing tooth sensitivity, even if it isn’t gum disease, it is a sign that something is wrong and should be addressed. 

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, schedule an appointment with your dentist at Olney Dental right away. Putting off addressing any problem, no matter how small, may only lead to more complications and discomfort in the future. 

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