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A Root Canal: 6 Signs You Need It

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Tooth sensitivity is a sign that a root canal may need to happen

Almost everyone you know has some degree of dentist anxiety – think hard, do you know anyone who loves going to the dentist? Most of the time, this anxiety comes from the fear that something they have to fix will hurt, and the granddaddy dental fear for most people is the root canal. While root canals are scary, there is no getting around it when you need them, and the relief they provide is intense. But how do you determine if you need a root canal? Read on for six signs that you may need a root canal to ease your dental distress. 

Hot/Cold Sensitivity

Hot/cold sensitivity is pretty common. Usually, it feels like either a sharp pain or a dull ache that starts when something very hot or very cold touches the tooth. If there is a root issue in your tooth, it could cause the sensitivity to increase or persist long after the temperature extreme is gone. 


Grey or black discoloration to a tooth is almost always a sign of trauma to the tooth or root. This sort of damage usually requires a root canal to correct it or ease its pain. 


Tooth pain is the most common thing that drives people to the dentist. The root may be to blame if the pain is constant or persistent (even if it comes and goes). While there are other causes of tooth pain (and they all require a dentist), persistent pain, deep pain, pain in response to pressure, or pain that radiates into your jaw or other teeth often requires a root canal.

Swollen Gums

If you have a tooth in pain and the gums around it are swollen, it could mean that the root is having issues that may require a root canal. If there is an infection in the root area, pus from it may also come to the surface of the gums (kind of like a pimple). Any of these factors are a cause to see your dentist, and they can assess if you need a root canal.

Wiggly Teeth

If you have an adult tooth that feels loose, root issues may be to blame. Significant infection can weaken the gums and cause teeth to loosen, but the death of a tooth root can also weaken the bone structure. Only a dental professional will tell for sure, so if something wiggles, get it examined. 

Chipped or Cracked Teeth

If your tooth is broken, there is the possibility that bacteria can infiltrate it and cause problems that eventually require a root canal. Even if the tooth doesn’t break, a substantial injury to a tooth could cause nerve damage in the root. Any time your teeth have a significant impact of some sort, with breakage or not, you should have them checked by your dentist.

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