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Why Do I Have Loose Teeth And What Can I Do About It?

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Do you have loose teeth? There may be a few reasons for that, and a few things you can do to fix the problem.

For children, losing teeth is a rite of passage. It’s expected for young kids to frequently have loose teeth, as their primary teeth fall out to be replaced by permanent adult teeth. However, if your teeth are loose as an adult, this can be a cause for concern. If you have noticed loose teeth, there are several reasons why this may be happening. Read on to learn how you can spot loose adult teeth and what you can do to treat them. 

Periodontal Disease

Untreated gingivitis can advance and soon become periodontitis, which can then cause loose teeth and teeth loss. This happens because periodontal disease affects not only the gums but also the tissues and bones that support your teeth. Gums will separate from the teeth and form pockets between the teeth and gums that become infected. 

As periodontitis progresses, these pockets deepen and destroy increasingly more gum tissue and bone, loosening teeth. However, if you pay attention to your mouth, you can catch early symptoms of gum disease before it loosens your teeth. If you do have advanced periodontitis, there are non-surgical and surgical treatments available. These include scaling and root planing, pocket reduction surgery, soft tissue grafts, and bone grafting. 

Pregnancy Gingivitis 

When you’re pregnant, your mouth can be affected by hormonal changes and cause pregnancy gingivitis. If your gums are inflamed or bleed when you brush or floss, it is time to consult with your dentist. If untreated, pregnancy gingivitis can lead to periodontitis and eventually loose teeth. 


The part of your jawbone that supports your teeth is called the alveolar process. Osteoporosis can lead to bone loss in the jaw, with studies showing links between a loss of alveolar bone and increased tooth mobility. 

The National Institutes of Health note that women with osteoporosis are three times as likely to experience tooth mobility and loss than those who don’t have the disease. If your tooth mobility symptoms are due to osteoporosis, and you are receiving treatment, the ADA recommends telling your dentist about any medications you take. This is because antiresorptive medicines can interfere with some treatments and lead to a rare but serious condition, osteonecrosis, which causes loose teeth.

Dental Trauma

Any ligaments and tissues that hold your teeth firmly in their sockets can become stretched in some traumatic instances. For instance, getting hit in the face with a ball or regularly grinding your teeth can result in loose teeth from trauma. You should consider an injury of this sort to be a dental emergency and make an appointment with your dentist right away. 

No matter what causes your loose teeth, this problem will likely make you anxious. However, having loose adult teeth doesn’t automatically mean you have to lose your teeth. Take care to let your dentist know as soon as you notice a tooth loosening. Your dentist can help you find the proper treatment to save your teeth.  

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