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Are You Brushing Your Teeth Correctly? Your Olney Dentist Explains

We all know how important it is to brush and floss regularly. Most of us probably learned that lesson at a very young age when our parents first taught us how to practice proper oral hygiene. If that was the last time you had a refresher course on proper brushing techniques then it’s definitely time to revisit this important daily practice. Learn how to be sure that you are brushing your teeth correctly in today’s blog, below.

brushing your teeth

Are you brushing your teeth correctly?

Are You Brushing Your Teeth Correctly? Your Olney Dentist Explains

Make sure you’re using the right brush

There are tons of different toothbrushes on the market and it can take some trial and error to find the right one for you. Most dentists recommend using a soft bristled brush to avoid causing damage to your tooth enamel but beyond that, the choice really comes down to comfort. If you have a small mouth, make sure your toothbrush isn’t causing your jaw strain because it’s too big for you. As for manual vs. electric? Dentists say you should use whatever you prefer because they work equally well so long as you’re practicing good brushing habits.

Make sure to give it time

Brushing your teeth should take a little while. 2 minutes, to be precise. This is the amount of time that your Olney dentist recommends you spend thoroughly cleaning each tooth. If you’re spending less time brushing, you’re probably missing crucial spots that might be likely to harbor bacteria and cavities.

Make sure you’re not too rough

Given how hard they are to the touch, your teeth are surprisingly delicate. This is mainly due to your gums and your enamel, both of which can be harmed if you brush too vigorously. Pretend you are brushing the teeth of a toddler: That’s how hard you should be pressing with your toothbrush.

Make sure you’re brushing your teeth using the right technique

If you’re not coming at your teeth from all angles then you’re probably doing it wrong. Decades of toothbrush commercials have led many consumers to believe that they should only hold their toothbrush horizontally when brushing your teeth, but this is not the case. Mix it up and spend at least half of your brushing time holding your brush vertically to ensure you don’t miss any spots.

Your Olney dentist

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