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Brighten Your Smile With These 4 Foods!

Foods That Brighten Your Smile Olney Dental

Another fruit that can help brighten your smile is strawberries

Are you looking for a vibrant, brighter, and whiter smile? Look no further than the foods you eat. In fact, by enjoying some tasty foods, you can easily brighten and whiten your smile in no time. Here are four foods that may help brighten your pearly whites. 


One of the best things about pineapples is that they are the enzymes that are inherently there. The enzyme bromelain is present in pineapple, which is excellent for people looking for a brighter smile. This enzyme acts as a natural stain remover. It naturally breaks up any plaque you have while simultaneously picking up any sticky bacteria. As a result, you can devour delicious pineapples to help your smile shine brighter and look whiter.


 Biting into a deliciously juicy apple is very enjoyable. Apples are a great way to brighten your smile as well. The reality is, apples naturally remove plaque from your teeth while also releasing malic acid, which serves as a natural teeth whitener. Apples are so unique! They can serve as a helpful food that’ll help you smile brighter. 


Another fruit that can help brighten your smile is strawberries. These little berries work to remove any surface discoloration that ultimately helps dissolve any plaque or issues while also buffing the enamel that’ll subsequently make the enamel look whiter and brighter. 


Surprisingly, onions are a superfood that’ll help you get a brighter and whiter smile. Onions work most effectively in their raw state because they have two sulfur compounds that ultimately reduce bacteria while also strengthening your teeth’s overall enamel in general.

Bottom Line

There are several different natural remedies to help whiten and brighten your smile. One of the best things is to eat foods that’ll generate whitening and brightening properties. As a result, turning to specific foods and incorporating them more into your diet can significantly help your teeth. Eating some of these particular fruits and vegetables can ultimately make your teeth healthier and stronger beyond just whiter and brighter — and who wouldn’t want that?  

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