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How You Can Keep Your Smile Young

olney dental keep your smile young

Follow these suggestions for keeping your smile young and radiant.

Your smile is a valuable tool for self-expression and should be treated well so it can last as long as possible. If you take care of your oral health, you can keep your smile young for a very long time. A bright, white smile is not reserved for certain people. In fact, by practicing gum health and pursuing a few standard cosmetic dental practices, you can turn your lackluster smile into something you can’t wait to show off. Read on to learn a few different methods for keeping your smile young. 

Braces or Invisalign

Braces aren’t just for teenagers. Anyone who wants straighter, healthier teeth can decide to get braces or Invisalign treatments. Straight teeth can help you avoid future dental problems as you age and can create a smile you love. Invisalign treatments may be best for people who don’t require much extra straightening of their teeth and who don’t want the metallic appearance of braces. 

Practice Gum Health

Gum disease can cause numerous problems with your oral health. Receding gums affect the appearance of your teeth significantly. You can keep your smile young by fighting gum disease with regular gum cleanings and excellent oral hygiene. During your regular dental checkups, you can ask your dentist if your gums need any extra attention. 

Replace Old Fillings

The old metal fillings can dull the brightness of your smile. You can prepare for the most effective whitening and change the appearance of your teeth by having those older fillings replaced with tooth-colored options. Your dentist can help determine which fillings are of the highest priority to replace for your new, bright smile. 

Teeth Whitening

One of the most important steps you can take in keeping your smile young and bright is to give it a whitening boost. Teeth yellow with age, so a newer, more radiant smile can quickly help you feel like your grin has regained its youth. Ask your dentist which teeth whitening option is best for your teeth. If your teeth are sensitive, it is essential to consider which method will be less uncomfortable for your teeth. 


You can achieve a complete dental makeover with veneers. Ask your dentist how these work and how they can help transform your smile and keep it young. Veneers can look natural and help create the bright, straight smile you’ve always wanted. 

Having the bright, young smile you’ve always wanted is possible. Consult with your dentist to determine the best methods to improve your teeth and keep them looking young.

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