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Potential Causes of Bad Breath in Children

how to treat bad breath in children Olney Dental

Learn how you can treat bad breath in children.

Bad breath, or halitosis, is a condition that even healthy children can experience. If you have noticed that your child’s breath is less than pleasant, you can make a few changes to improve it. Often, when it comes to bad breath in children, improper oral hygiene is the cause. Read on to learn more about the most common causes of bad breath in children and what you can do to reverse their effects. 

Common Causes of Bad Breath in Children 

The most common reasons for bad breath in young kids are the following: 

  • Poor oral hygiene: if your child does not clean their teeth thoroughly or frequently. If plaque is not removed, it can irritate the gums and cause additional issues. 
  • Dry mouth: if your child’s mouth produces less saliva than usual, dry mouth occurs, which can lead to bad breath, as saliva helps cleanse the mouth of bacteria. 
  • Mouth breathing: If a child breathes through their mouth often because of a stuffy nose or sleep habit, this prevents saliva from washing away bacteria. 
  • Tongue bacteria: the tongue can harbor bacteria that produce bad breath in children, so make sure they clean their tongue as well as their teeth. 
  • Infections: Cavities, plaque buildup, mouth sores, and oral surgery can contribute to bad breath. If your child develops these issues, it’s essential to seek dental treatment.
  • A foreign object: If a baby or toddler places a foreign item in their nose, this can lead to bad breath. 
  • Certain foods: Foods with a strong odor like garlic, onions, or some spices, can lead to bad breath. 
  • Medications: sometimes, the way medicine breaks down in the body can produce bad breath. 
  • An illness: allergies, a sinus infection, tonsillitis, or other conditions can lead to bad breath in children. 

How to Avoid Bad Breath in Children 

Healthy teeth are critical to a child’s overall wellbeing. The best thing you can do to avoid bad breath is to encourage your child to develop an oral care routine. When creating your routine, remember the following: 

  • Have your child brush morning and night with a pea-sized amount of fluoride toothpaste
  • Make sure they also clean their tongue
  • Use floss, a flosser, or an interdental brush to remove food particles from in-between teeth
  • Replace your child’s toothbrush every few months, as worn down bristles cannot effectively remove plaque and debris
  • Avoid bad breath concerns by scheduling regular checkups and professional cleanings with your dentist at Olney Dental 

What To Do for Chronic Bad Breath

Often, your child’s bad breath will go away once you implement an improved oral hygiene routine. However, if a child experiences chronic bad breath, your dentist may recommend you see your primary care physician for additional tests that can diagnose any underlying issues. 

Many causes of bad breath in children are temporary. Regardless of whether your child suffers from halitosis, teaching them how to form good dental habits early is critical for their continued oral and overall health. 

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