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The Importance of Getting Your Teeth Cleaned

The Importance of Getting Your Teeth Cleaned

Getting your teeth cleaned regularly is essential for maintaining oral health!

You can only avoid going to the dentist for so long. Once you find the right dentist for you, you won’t be able to wait to go back. Now that it’s time to get your teeth cleaned, however, you’ll be under the care of a knowledgeable hygienist who will scrape the plaque off of your teeth and offer you advice on how to brush and floss. Sometimes, all of this will happen before you even see the dentist! But here are a few reasons why getting your teeth cleaned on time is so important.

Brushing and Flossing

It may shock you to hear this, but brushing and flossing aren’t enough to take care of your teeth. Even when you brush and floss as you should, there will still be food particles left behind in your mouth. These will contribute to bad breath and bits of food stuck in your teeth. Mouthwash can help, but that’s only a start. When you get your teeth cleaned, you know that someone you can trust is making sure that your teeth look brand new again. Plus, you can find out if you cavities or show the warning signs of gum disease and other dental health problems.

Teeth Cleaning Time

Let’s take a minute to argue that you haven’t been to the dentist for several years. Either you haven’t had the time or the money to do so. Either way, you’re overdue. The American Dental Association (ADA) suggests that you should see your dentist once every six months. That’s about twice a year. If you have developed gum disease, then you’ll need to go more often – every three or four months instead.

What Happens?

This advice can lead you to have one important question: “What happens if I don’t get my teeth cleaned?” If you don’t, then you’re more likely to have plaque and more cavities. The longer your cavities go untreated, the worse they will get. Eventually, even if you don’t have gum disease, you could develop it. You’ll run the risk of your teeth falling out, and it can even affect the bones that help keep your teeth in place. It won’t seem obvious at first, but any oral health problems can spread out and give you health scares in other parts of your body, such as your heart and your brain.

You Can Trust Olney Dental for All of Your Dental Care Needs

For all of your oral care questions and concerns, Olney Dental has the expertise and professionalism to get them the answers they need. Olney Dental is ready to supply you with expert service in a professional environment. Schedule an appointment online today! For more information on how we can give your family the best dentist experience available, give us a call at (301) 250-1057 or contact us online. For more dental tips, follow us on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Pinterest.

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