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Tips for Cleaning Your Tongue

Tips for Cleaning Your Tongue

Cleaning your tongue is just as important as cleaning your teeth!

Your tongue is important. Without it, it would be much harder to speak clearly. Plus you wouldn’t be able to enjoy all of your favorite foods. That’s because that’s where all of your taste buds live. But if you’ve noticed lately that everything you eat makes you feel queasy, it could be because you need to clean your tongue.

Brush Your Tongue

Whenever you brush your teeth, you can’t overlook brushing your tongue. Although this might activate your gag reflex, it is still worth it. You can use your toothbrush for this task, but some brushes have a special head on the side of the brush that allows you to clean up your tongue. The tongue is home to plenty of bacteria, which feast on the food particles that are stuck there after you eat something. That’s because there is mucus on the tongue that you probably can’t see or feel. Use some toothpaste when you scrub your tongue just like you would when you brush your teeth. Start from the back and go forward. Make sure you cover all of your tongue, and then use some water to rinse when you are done.

Use Scrapers

Another idea is to use a tongue scraper. The scrapers are made of soft plastic and do a great job of punching through the mucus layer on your tongue. Be sure to rinse it off under some warm water after each move you make with it. This prevents germs from hitching a ride to a different part of your tongue and undoing all of your hard work. Slow down if your tongue starts to hurt or if you notice that it’s bleeding. You’re putting too much pressure on your tongue, so take it easy. Be gentle and focus on the center of your tongue, where most of the germs that cause bad breath like to clump together.

When Should You Clean Your Tongue?

The question of when you should clean your tongue is probably on your mind. You should brush your tongue after brushing and flossing. Do this twice a day. You might notice that this helps relieve symptoms of dry mouth or a persistent bad taste in your mouth. Rinsing your tongue with mouthwash can help, too.

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