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6 Types of Teeth

6 Types of Teeth

How much do you really know about your teeth? You might take them for granted unless something gets stuck in them.

How much do you really know about your teeth? You might take them for granted unless something gets stuck in them. Or maybe you don’t think about them until the next time you need to visit the dentist. Anyway, learning as much as you can is the right call. 

The Incisors

First on our list is a look at the incisors. Of the thirty-two teeth in your head, eight of them are called incisors. Four of them are in your top jaw, and the other four are on the bottom. These teeth are important because they help stabilize your bite and give you more chewing ability. Plus, they also support the lips and help you talk more clearly.

The Canines

Your mouth should have four canines. Like incisors, they help to support your lips. Another reason they are so important is that they cut apart the food that you eat. Without your canines, your teeth would be all over the place and out of order. So the other teeth should be playing follow the leader. When they’re lined up correctly, moving your jaws and opening your mouth and then closing it again becomes easier to do. 

The Premolars

Behind the canines are the premolars. If you’re not sure where to find them, keep looking. Most adults will have eight of them in total. These teeth will be evenly divided between your upper and lower jaw. 

The Molars

You also have molars, which are wide and flat. Typical adults will have twelve of them, although they could be damaged by injuries or accidents that force them to be removed. Your wisdom teeth are considered molars, one problem associated with them is that they’re hard to reach, which is why water flossers can come in handy. These are related to premolars because they help you chew more easily and also help shape how your face looks. 

The Extra Teeth

Of course, you might have some extra teeth. The dental term associated with them is supernumerary. It’s normal to think that you only have 32 teeth, but on rare occasions, you could have more than that. They shouldn’t be a concern unless they start to bother you. 

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