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Dealing with Discolored Teeth

Dealing with Discolored Teeth

Let’s find out more about what you’re supposed to do when you have discolored teeth.

Teeth aren’t always going to be pearly white. That’s why many people are uncomfortable with the way that their teeth look. Improving your dental and oral health routine will make a big difference. Let’s find out more about what you’re supposed to do when you have discolored teeth. 

Why Are Your Teeth Dark? 

First of all, let’s look at all the ways that your teeth are under attack each and every day. If you love cooking Asian food of any kind at home, then you know how common soy sauce is. From stir fry to sushi to anything in between, even on plain rice, it’s a great condiment. But it’s one of the many sauces that can stain your teeth when you least expect it. Plus, there is acid in it that can also break down tooth enamel. Although you won’t feel it, after a while it will become noticeable. 

Beets are another problem. Their deep, dark red color might catch your eye, but much like red wine, that juice can leave some seriously stubborn stains behind. After you eat your beets, stop to have some pudding. Then after that, make sure you run off and brush your teeth. Just maybe give your teeth ten or fifteen minutes so they can rest. They might be a bit tender is you go and brush them right away.

Even though everyone loves coffee, it might not always return the affection. Adding cream and sugar doesn’t negate the acidity or staining potential of the coffee. You’ll also be drinking more than just plain coffee, and that can have health effects all their own. If you don’t want to have your teeth turn weird colors (especially if your wedding day is coming up!) then it’s probably for the best if you abstain from coffee altogether. Beware of those withdrawal headaches though – they can be nasty! Besides, any coffee you drink will linger even hours after your cup is empty.

How to Stop the Staining

So the question is, how do you stop the staining from happening at all? This doesn’t mean you have to stop enjoying a bowl of berries smothered in fresh cream. Just don’t do too much chewing. Use a straw when you want to sip on a drink, especially a reusable one that doesn’t count as single-use plastic. Rinse or brush every time you finish eating or drinking something, too. 

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