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How to Handle a Cracked Molar

You may have first-hand experience with a cracked tooth, but how exactly does someone get a cracked molar?

Molars are most vulnerable to cracks during chewing, and chomping down on ice and hard candy can crack your tooth. You may not have noticeable symptoms, but you should see a dentist right away if you think there is an issue.

Don’t Wait to Schedule an Appointment

Your dental health is extremely important, so don’t wait to see a dentist if you think you have a cracked molar. Sometimes you may only have a minor crack and it will just be a cosmetic issue, but serious fractures are going to require treatment. Don’t try to guess the extent of the damage. Just make an appointment with your dentist so that he or she can let you know exactly what is going on.

Photo: Man in pain with cracked molar

If you think you have a cracked molar, don’t wait. Schedule an appointment today to avoid worsening symptoms.

Avoid Chewing on One Side

You still obviously have to chew to eat your food, but you should do your best in trying to avoid chewing on the side of your mouth that has the cracked molar. Biting on that side can extend the crack and really irritate the soft tissue inside your tooth. That soft tissue contains nerves and blood vessels, and it can be really painful if that side is irritated. You may also notice pain when your molar is exposed to hot cold liquids.

What to Expect After a Cracked Molar

Once you visit your dentist, it’s important to know what happens after he or she looks at your cracked tooth. Teeth are not like bones, as a fracture in a cracked tooth will not heal. Sometimes cracks in teeth can continue to progress and separate despite treatment. This can sometimes result in the loss of the tooth. The placement of a crown on a cracked tooth will provide protection, but it doesn’t always guarantee success in every case. But the treatment for a cracked molar is still important. It will help to relieve the pain, as well as reduce the likelihood that the crack will continue to get worse. In most cases, cracked teeth will continue to function and offer years of comfortable chewing. But, your dental health and results will depend on your circumstances.

Preventing Cracked Molars

If it turns out you don’t have a cracked molar, you should still take precautions in trying to prevent it from happening. Cracked teeth aren’t completely preventable, but you can take actionable steps to make sure your teeth are less susceptible. Make sure that you don’t clench or grind your teeth, and try to avoid chewing on hard objects. If you do grind your teeth, talk to you dentist about obtaining a retainer or mouthguards to protect your teeth from cracking.

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