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How to Reduce Early Tooth Decay in Children

olney dental early tooth decay in children

Learn what you can do to prevent early tooth decay in children.

It can be hard to get kids to care for their teeth, especially since we know those primary teeth, AKA baby teeth, only last a few years before they fall out on their own anyway. Those teeth still need to be taken care of, however, since good dental health practices in childhood lead to good dental health practices in adulthood. The most common tooth issue for children is tooth decay. Tooth decay can cause serious issues, but it is also preventable. Read on to learn how to reduce tooth decay in children. 

What Causes Tooth Decay?

The hard surface of a tooth is called the enamel and tooth decay is when that enamel begins to weaken. This weakening can lead to damage and eventually cavities. It happens when naturally occurring bacteria in the mouth feed on the sugars and starches in foods you eat and leave an acidic byproduct that attacks the enamel. Cavities that are left untreated can eventually destroy a tooth, and can cause significant pain. 

How Can You Prevent Tooth Decay?

Preventing most tooth decay is as simple as having a good dental hygiene routine and eating a well-balanced diet. The foods that you eat play a role: the more sugary foods you consume, the more there is for the bacteria to feed on. Make sure that the meals you’re feeding your kids limit sugary snacks and drinks and include a range of the major food groups. You should also emphasize the importance of good oral care: take the kids to the dentist often, especially if they’ve had signs of tooth decay in previous visits. Make sure that they brush twice a day (and watch and help them so that you’re sure that they are brushing the right way), and teach them proper flossing techniques.

Is There Anything Else That Can Help?

If you’re worried about tooth decay, definitely make time to talk to your child’s dentist. If your child has cavities, you should see their dentist as soon as possible to get them treated. They may recommend a fluoride treatment to fight the early stages of tooth decay. Some dentists might also apply protective sealants to baby teeth to protect them from tooth decay. The sealants have to be applied by your dentist, but they can provide significant protection against the harmful effects of bacteria, especially on the uneven molar surface. Finally, as stated above, get a solid tooth brushing routine down and stick to it, and then make and go to those dentists appointments regularly.

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