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Key Foods To Avoid To Properly Protect Your Gums

Key Foods To Avoid To Properly Protect Your Gums

There is no denying that your gums are fundamental to oral health. Here are foods you’ll want to avoid to protect your gums throughout the years.

There is really no denying that protecting your gums is key to a healthy mouth for many years to come. In fact, it’s incredibly important to maintain healthy gums — especially as you age — which we all do. The reality is, gingivitis is all too common among so many adults — but sometimes, it really is because of certain foods that have been eaten that end up causing gum disease overall. Ultimately, there is a direct correlation between dental health and diet — which is why avoiding specific foods for oral health can make a world of a difference — particularly if you have gum disease in the family. Here are a few key foods you’ll want to avoid to ensure that you are protecting your gums throughout the years. 

White Bread And Other White Foods

You have no idea how white bread can negatively affect your teeth — specifically your gums. In fact, all the starches in white bread tend to lead to gum disease. The reality is, these starches are usually broken down into simple sugar in your body — but even during the chewing process as well. Ultimately, when chewing white bread, a paste-like substance is likely to form — which can get stuck in your teeth and be very difficult to remove. 

All The Citrus Fruits

For the most part, citrus fruits have so much acidity that they can lead to gum damage. In fact, despite being packed with tons of good vitamins and minerals, citrus fruits might not be ideal for your oral health overall. The reality is, avoiding citrus fruits might actually be beneficial for your oral health — particularly if you are already noticing early signs of gingivitis. Ultimately, being mindful of just how much citrus you are consuming daily might help alleviate any gum disease from occuring in the future — and protect your oral health for many years to come. At the end of the day, there are many different ways to protect your gums, but being on the lookout for various foods that can add some harm to your gums can easily help to ensure that you maintain healthy gums and avoid getting gingivitis over the years. 

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