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The Oral Health Benefits of Mint

Olney Dental oral health benefits of mint

Discover the many oral health benefits of mint and why it’s used in your dental care products.

Mint is a fragrant, refreshing plant and a widespread choice for dental hygiene products. If you have ever wondered why your toothpaste, floss, and mouthwash all contain mint, there are reasons for that which go beyond the fresh breath benefits. Mint became associated with dental hygiene because it contains a compound menthol, which does many things to keep our mouth clean and help us feel clean too. If you want to know more about the oral health benefits of mint and how you can use it in your life, keep reading! 

Soothes Swelling

Mint is widely considered to have anti-inflammatory properties thanks to its natural antioxidant action. Similar to chamomile or green tea, rinsing your mouth with a mint-infused solution has helped ease swelling and counteract bleeding gums

The compound menthol, found in mint, helps kill bacteria in the mouth and prevent gingival bleeding. If you want quick soothing, you can make a mint rinse by letting mint tea cool and then rinsing with it. However, to reap the benefits of mint daily, look for mouthwashes containing menthol.

Kills Germs

The oral health benefits of mint come from the natural antimicrobial function of the plant. This means that mint can kill bacteria in the mouth that would otherwise contribute to tooth decay. When you chew mint leaves, you are not introducing any bacteria-feeding sugar into your mouth, which makes it hard for surviving bacteria to thrive. When you chew mint, you also stimulate saliva, which helps wash out bacteria and food particles. 

Chewing five to six mint leaves twice a day can help eliminate bacteria without adding more sugar, as you would with many manufactured breath mints. 

Assists in Digestion 

Ending a meal with mint can be a good habit to pick up because mint helps ease indigestion. Mint can help relax gastrointestinal tissue, which can relieve symptoms of people with IBS. The chewing of mint also boosts the production of digestion-starting and tooth-protecting saliva. 

If you fix a cup of mint tea or a glass of cold mint water at the end of your meal, you can relieve indigestion and feel good about rinsing harmful bacteria from your mouth.  

If you are ready to enjoy the oral benefits of mint, choose oral hygiene products with menthol and consider having a few fresh mint leaves handy for when you need an extra boost. 

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