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New Year, New You: Break These Bad Brushing Habits

New Year, New You: Break These Bad Brushing Habits

Not brushing enough is just as bad as brushing too much or not brushing at all.

Brushing your teeth every single day may seem like an unnecessary nuisance. After all, if we avoid sweets and other food harmful to our tooth enamel, we should be fine. However, that’s not true. Not brushing enough is just as bad as brushing too much or not brushing at all. Break these bad habits as the New Year approaches.

Using the Same Toothbrush

It’s easy to grow attached to your toothbrush, especially if you use a novelty one. These toothbrushes use battery power to light off up and make sounds. While these can amuse your kids, you probably only keep them as travel toothbrushes or other instances where you won’t need to use them all the time. That said, don’t keep reusing the same toothbrush. At most, a toothbrush will last four months. Worn down bristles won’t help you.

Brushing Too Quickly

You might also be tempted to brush for a minute and then go on with your life. That’s too soon. When you brush too quickly, you will also tend to put more pressure on your mouth, exchanging power for time. Use a timer on your phone or hum a tune to keep the time and remind you that you should brush for two minutes twice a day.

Brushing After You Eat

This is a piece of advice you’ve probably heard all your life: right after you eat, go and brush your teeth. However, that’s not the best idea, especially depending on what you’ve just eaten. Give it an hour and let your teeth and gums recover first. In the meantime, try drinking more water or chew some sugar-free gum to help refresh your breath.

Using the Wrong Toothbrush

It’s also possible that the toothbrush you have now isn’t the best fit for you. Replace it. Get rid of it and replace it with another one that is better suited for you. Find a manual toothbrush with a different set of bristles, or try using an electric toothbrush instead. You’ve got to find which one makes you feel the most comfortable. Then, as part of your resolution, promise to spend more time taking care of your teeth.

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