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Should You Be Using a Night Guard?

Should You Be Using a Night Guard?

Even if you snore or struggle with sleep apnea, the problem could be that you grind your teeth in your sleep. Luckily, you can stop that habit with a night guard.

If you have trouble sleeping, you’ve probably searched high and low for an answer. Eating too close to bedtime? Too much caffeine? Sleep apnea? Maybe you just need a night guard! Here are some of the reasons people decide to try this route.

What Does It Do?

You might know what a mouth guard does for anyone who plays contact sports. Well, a night guard is similar, but you only have to wear it when you sleep. It’s also called a bruxism appliance. This appliance is clear and you put it on before bed so that your two sets of teeth can’t touch each other during the night. They are also made specifically to match the contours of your mouth, too. That way, they aren’t uncomfortable to wear.

Stop Headaches

Grinding your teeth might be one of the reasons you suffer from chronic headaches. Tension and stress both play a play, but tension headaches are no joke. Luckily, with a night guard, you can start to reduce the number of headaches you have to deal with on a daily basis. Jaw pressure is no fun, and it could indicate other health conditions.

Reduce TMJ

One such condition is TMJ or temporomandibular joint disorder. The joints and muscles that connect your jaw and skull and the ones that help you chew are the main body parts affected. Don’t let TMJ get in the way of your enjoying your favorite foods! A night guard can help you deal with this condition.

Save Your Teeth

Starting to wear a night guard can also help save your teeth. Even if your teeth are still in relatively good condition right now, you don’t want them to wear away prematurely. Your teeth will start changing color, you’ll have more cavities, and they might start to crack, which means you’ll need a crown.

Save the Crown

Even after you get a crown put on your teeth, that’s not always the end of your problems. You shouldn’t need to worry about your crown, but you have to take care of it. Teeth, including crowns, are meant for chewing and biting, but you’re not supposed to grind them.

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