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4 Ways to Deal with a Toothache

Impacted Wisdom Teeth: What You Need to Know

Learn how to deal with tooth pain naturally!

If you continue to experience tooth pain after you’ve taken medicine, then it could be something serious. Try brushing your teeth, flossing, and using mouthwash. However, your toothache could be due to sensitive teeth. Either way, here are some ideas for how to deal with it and make the pain go away.


Garlic is good for more than keeping vampires away or making tasty bread. You can also use it to help with your toothache. For best results, try using the garlic when it’s still raw. Crush it up and press it against the side of the tooth that is in pain. The allicin in the garlic can happen. What is allicin, you might ask? It slows down the bacteria and germs that are causing the pain in your tooth. Just be careful, because you may feel a burning sensation at first. This will pass, though.

Salt Water

Salt water can also make a difference. Fill a cup with some warm water and then infuse some salt into it. This can help make sure that your mouth isn’t infected. The warmth can also help with residual soreness. If you like, you can also use hydrogen peroxide, but water will probably be less painful.


If you like Greek yogurt, you’re in luck. No, despite what you may think, regular yogurt won’t be able to help with your toothache beyond temporary relief. The healthy bacteria in this yogurt are good for you. Plus, it will help fight the harmful bacteria in your mouth. However, please don’t overdo it when you go to indulge. Even Greek yogurt has some sugar in it, and the sugar could make matters worse instead of better.

Essential Oils

Even if you aren’t familiar with essential oils, there’s no time like the present to start learning. Nutmeg, peppermint, and clove can all help, as can eucalyptus. You’ll need to dilute the oils before you can use them. Direct contact with undiluted oils will be extremely unpleasant. Try mixing them up and use a cotton swab to apply to the tooth and gums that feel sore. That should help right away.

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