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A Mouthguard for Your Athletic Kid

Soccer coach showing a play to his team

Parents are already concerned enough when it comes to their kids playing contact sports. As enriching and fun as they can be, you never want to see your child get hurt.

Parents are already concerned enough when it comes to their kids playing contact sports. As enriching and fun as they can be, you never want to see your child get hurt. However, there are some basic precautions you can take to prevent the worst. One of these is using a custom mouthguard, which can help to protect your child’s teeth and gums if they were to get hit in the face. If you’re thinking about getting a mouthguard for your sports-loving kid, here are some facts you ought to know beforehand.

Protecting Teeth

It’s no surprise that some contact sports require mouthguards. This is because sports mouthguards can be a great way to protect your teeth! They form a protective layer over the upper teeth, helping prevent injury and keeping your teeth where they should be. This is useful for the football player who knows they’re going to get tackled just as much as it is a basketball player who gets smacked in the face with the basketball. Keep your child’s teeth safe! 

Top Teeth Only

The good news? Unless you have braces, you’re only going to need your mouthguard for the top row of teeth. This helps kids breathe easier and stay comfortable even while their head is in the game. There are some exceptions as anyone involved in fighting sports will tell you, but generally, a mouthguard is less involved than you may think.

Replace Your Mouthguard

Like anything we use daily, your mouthguard is going to start to show signs of wear and tear. Generally, we recommend you replace them every 6 months depending on use. If you use yours more heavily, it may be sooner than that. You won’t get as good protection if you’re using a worn-out mouthguard, so be sure to replace yours when the time comes. 

Keep it Clean

Another maintenance tip: mouthguards need to be cleaned. Bacteria can build up and develop in moist environments, causing sickness or just giving you smelly breath. After every use, be sure you clean your mouthguard out by gently brushing it with a wet toothbrush and then properly storing it in the container it came with.

Consider Going Custom

While there are stock mouthguards that are meant to be one-size-fits-all, these often do a less than adequate job of protecting the mouth. Instead, consider using a custom mouthguard. Not only will it fit better, but it will also be made of higher quality material. You can wear a generic one while waiting for your custom mouthguard, but if you wear yours often, consider going custom.

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